Cremation Diamond Report

Before you make a major diamond purchase at the worst possible time...

This is an investigative report on "cremation" or "memorial" diamonds, based on the actual evidence and information provided by the companies claiming to provide these diamonds. Since 2007 our insurance industry Special Investigations Unit (SIU) research has followed the claims made by various companies to make "memorial diamonds" or "cremation diamonds" from the ashes or hair of deceased loved ones. Based on our years of experience in the world diamond markets working with companies who truly create diamonds in a laboratory, the claims being made by these "memorial" diamond companies just seemed too good to be true. What we found was both disappointing and profound. These companies are fraught with deception and fraud. Fake pictures, fake claims of owning diamond making presses, and perhaps most of all their marketing strategy that plays on people at the most heart wrenching time of their lives....the loss of a loved one.


Please read the following carefully:


The most important fact about cremation diamonds is that diamonds are made from carbon. Carbon burns at 1405 degrees F. A cremation oven burns at 1600 to 1800 degrees F. All organic carbon is burned up and destroyed in the cremation process. To quote a well respected cremation facts website:


"The cremation process destroys all traces of organic, carbon-based matter”


This is the simple science of cremation. But there is more.


The cremation diamond companies are not telling you the facts. Those are that cremation ovens burn the carbon. There is no carbon left to make a diamond. The only way to get carbon from a human body is to not cremate the whole body and use body parts, something no funeral home will do. Below are passages taken from the United States Patent Application from LifeGem:


“The preferred process for collection begins with the oven operator positioning the body in the oven so that the head and chest area are not positioned directly underneath the main burner. This can be accomplished by positioning the body to the left or right side of the main burner, or positioning the body so that the legs and feet are underneath the main burner rather than the head and torso. Positioning the body in this manner assures that carbon will remain in the body's head area. The carbon can then be gathered by hand, or by using a metal shovel or scoop, or the like.” LifeGem


“Alternatively, one or more body parts may be cremated.” LifeGem


So what do they do? They take the ashes of your loved one, put in their own carbon, and claim to make a diamond from it:


"...the remains can be cremated conventionally, mixed with additional carbon from another source, and purified as described above. It is contemplated that, using this technique, a gem containing at least some of the original carbon from the cremated remains can be prepared, even if the amount of carbon present in the remains alone is insufficient to make a gemstone..."


The bottom line is this: There is no guarantee that any carbon from your loved one is in the diamond sent to you by any cremation diamond seller. None. The above is repeatable for all of the cremation diamond companies. This is a gross hoax that let's them sell you extremely over-priced lab created diamonds with no proof that any of your loved one's carbon is in the diamond.


The rest of the information is in the reports available from the links above.


Before you spend money with any "memorial" diamond company, we ask that you review the information from these investigative reports in order to make an informed and well-thought out decision.. To date, no "memorial" diamond company has been able to prove that any ash-based carbon was actually used to make these diamonds. No proof. Fancy claims? Yes. But no proof. Before you decide to spend outrageous sums of money on a Memorial Diamond, please read about these companies from our research contained in this website.


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