Cremation Diamond Hoax?

22 January 2014

Are these "memorial or cremation diamonds" really what they appear? Over the past few weeks the ISG office has received numerous calls and inquiries regarding so-called "memorial diamonds" or "cremation diamonds". We want to inform everyone that nothing has changed since our last 2011 report on this issue. The image below photograph of their own diamond making presses from LifeGem has been used by several of these "cremation diamond" companies to claim as a photograph of their own diamond making presses.LifeGem
























At left is the same image being used by Cremation Diamonds Co. to make the same claim. The problem is, this photo is of a Russian diamond treatment facility and has been in the public domain for years. The claims by the "cremation diamond" companies that these are their diamond making presses is a false claim.


Here are the other issues we uncovered that, to date, have not changed on this subject:


  • During the cremation process the carbon of the body is totally consumed. There is not enough carbon left to make a diamond.


    No "cremation diamond" company has been able to prove that any carbon from the loved one's body ever goes into a diamond.


    No "cremation diamond" company has been able to prove that they actually own any diamond making presses.


    Some "cremation diamond" companies have admitted that they get their lab created diamonds from Russian producers, and there is no verifiable chain of possess of the ashes being actually used in a diamond making proceess....if there were carbon available.

  • What is most disturbing to us is that these companies have partnered up with funeral homes around the country and get to customers at their most vulnerable time, at the death of a loved one, and play on heart-wrenching emotions to intice consumers to make poor decisions.


    Editorial Comment: It is my opinion that this is one of the most despicable frauds ever perpetrated on consumers, and that neither our industry or the government is doing anything about it. Where is the Jewelers Vigilance Committee? Getting ready for the Tucson cocktail parties? Where are the "authorities" of this industry? This situation with these "cremation diamond" companies is of a greater negative impact to this industry and consumers than the Tibet andesine and glass-filled ruby situations COMBINED!


    It appears that the only way to combat this situation is through consumer education and information.