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Cremation Diamond Report Part 2

Due to a significant potential for insurance fraud resulting from the cremation diamond hoax, we offer the full report in 3 parts here on our website, and now FREE in digital format below, or on the front page of this website.

In Part 1 we revealed that carbon burns at 1405 degrees F, while cremation furnaces burn at temperatures between 1600F and 1800F. The result is, by the cremation industry's own admission, 


“The cremation process destroys all traces of organic, carbon-based matter” Cremation Solutions


We also looked at the patents of one of the leading cremation diamond companies, LifeGem®, where they acknowledged the problem of the loss of carbon in the cremation diamond process and suggested:

  1. That the body be partially cremated and the head and other parts be recovered with a shovel to obtain carbon, or
  2. Outside carbon, not from the loved-one's body, be added to the ashes so that a diamond could be created.

While this investigation could have ended there, questions still exist. Today we look at what consumers are paying to the cremation diamond companies as a result of their marketing efforts in conjunction with the funeral industry. We continue with...


Question #2. What is the price comparison of open-market, lab-created diamonds to those reportedly produced and sold by the cremation diamond companies?

The cremation diamond companies have a well-organized marketing effort that tugs at the hearts of those who have recently lost loved ones. The cremation diamond companies, and their funeral industry cohorts, know they have a captive audience at the most vulnerable times in their lives....the loss of a dear loved-one. The cremation diamond companies, and the funeral home industry, play on that vulnerability to maximize profitability. Here are some of the claims the cremation diamond company's make to vulnerable consumers:

Keep their legacy alive. Turn their ashes into a cremation diamond. Eterneva.com.

If you desire an everlasting connection to the one you have lost, a LifeGem® is right for you. LifeGem.com

The Memorial Diamond is a symbol of love, closeness and remembrance. Algordanza.com/en

Clearly the core customer base of the cremation diamond market are grief-stricken people trying to cope with the loss of a cherish loved-one, and the cremation diamond industry has learned to utilize the huge marketing potential of the funeral home industry to ply their hoax claims.

Funeral Home Industry Complicity in the Hoax

The cremation diamond companies utilize thousands of funeral homes around the world to do their marketing, in conjunction with their websites. LifeGem alone reports 3500 “ partners” in the United States and over 5000 world-wide. These are mostly funeral homes who can reach directly to the potential cremation diamond customer at their most vulnerable moments. Given the heinous nature of this whole market, it must be noted that the funeral home industry should also be held accountable for the very grievous situation. The above numbers are for one company. Others such as Algordanza are believed to dwarf the LifeGem operation world-wide.


Given the fact that the cremation diamond companies cannot guarantee their diamonds contain any of the loved one’s carbon, the question must be raised as to why the extremely high price of these diamonds? Since these are HPHT lab grown diamonds, how does the cost of grief affect the price of the claimed cremation diamond? The answer is bothersome.


Below is a basic comparison of diamonds from various cremation diamond companies, and those offered by one of the world’s leading providers of lab created diamonds: Brilliant Earth.


For this comparison I have used an average clarity and color for colorless diamonds. The company offering open-market, lab-created diamonds is Brilliant Earth. These diamonds are sold online by this leading lab-created diamond company. Please keep in mind that the diamonds and prices below are all lab created diamonds of comparable sizes and qualities, the only difference is a false guarantee of cremation diamonds being composed of a loved one’s ashes.

.30ct Round Colorless Diamond Average VS/G

Brilliant Earth Created Diamond:  $445.00
LifeGem Cremation Diamond:       $4,499.00
Eterneva Cremation Diamond:      $4,499.00
Lonite Cremation Diamond:          $3,400.00

.50ct Round Colorless Diamond Average VS/G

Brilliant Earth Created Diamond:   $850.00
LifeGem Cremation Diamond:        $7,899.00
Heart in Diamond:                           $5,995.00
Phoenix Cremation Diamond:         $8,695.00
Lonite Cremation Diamond:            $5,300.00

.70ct Round Colorless Diamond Average VS/G

Brilliant Earth Created Diamond:    $1,440.00
LifeGem Cremation Diamond:           $13,199.00
Eterneva Cremation Diamond:           $13,199.00
Lonite Cremation Diamond:                $9,100.00

It is clear that the cremation diamond companies use the "grief factor" to extract huge profits from their vulnerable customer base. Cremation diamonds cost up to 10 times more than the price of an open-sourced, lab-created diamond of the same size, quality, color and cut.

Conclusion to # Question 2

Given the fact that carbon burns at temperatures far lower than the burn temperatures of cremation furnaces causing all carbon to be consumed, the cremation diamond companies cannot guarantee any of the loved one’s carbon is in the cremation diamond. Based on this fact, it is difficult to justify up to a 10x price increase for any reason, other than extracting extreme profits from highly vulnerable customers at the most difficult time of their lives.


Customers around the world are paying up to 10 times more than the normal price for a promise and representation that the cremation diamond companies cannot guarantee.


But what about the claims being made by companies such as LifeGem regarding their tours of their diamond producing presses. Are these claims based on facts, or P. T. Barnum-like smoke and mirrors?


This brings us to:

Question #3: Are the promotional claims by the cremation diamond companies verifiable to a reasonable degree that should allow consumers to have confidence in these claims?


We will answer this question in our final Part 3: Cremation Diamond Report Part 3

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